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Milly’s on Main


236 Main Road in Tairua



522 Pollen Street in Thames


See our website and facebook for more new arrivals

Past cover artists...

come aboard for this issue!


Paul immediately came to mind as we

planned the HMS


article. We were

so thrilled with the image of the painting ‘The

Meeting’ that we decided it was worthy of full

page size in the centre spread.

As a leading NZ marine artist, he and

his paintings will undoubtedly be in high

demand as the big 250 year commemoration

ceremonies gear up for 2019 (see article and

paintings on page 28).

You may remember his radiant oil of the HMS


(left) that graced our 2015 Winter cover prior to the



Homecoming last year. Paul created

a number of Buffalo paintings specially for the

Homecoming Week festivities, which we showed on

the inside feature story.

“From my formative years and throughout my life I’ve

been influenced by the sea and art”, says Paul. “My

father was a fisherman in Devon and my mother quite

artistic, so from birth I was surrounded by material

items connected with these elements from crab pots to oil paints”.

This jaunty portrait, by colleague Gavin Chai above, really captures Paul’s

nautical spirit. View a selection of Paul’s paintings at the Mercury Bay Museum.

See more of Paul’s work or sign up for a workshop at


com, facebook or ring him at 021 259 0646.


Ginney offers a dramatic ‘bee’s eye’ view of

our valuable manuka shrubs, which provide

not only medicinal honey, but a healing

essential oil as well. (See story and her

stunning art on page 22).

Ginney was once again an award winner at

the Mercury Bay Art Escape launch at Hot

Waves Cafe (see page 36) and her Hahei

art studio was a popular stop on the MBAE

open artist tours.

An avid kayaker, Ginney’s outdoor activities have

brought her a genuine affinity for sealife, birds and

plants of the region. ‘Stony Bay’, her stunningly bold

painting of sea urchins, took our breath way. We were

thrilled to have it as cover of our 2014 Spring issue.

See her paintings at the Bread & Butter Gallery in

Whitianga or online at


Raglan artist Jane Galloway’s ‘Summer

Magic’, inspired by many summers spent

at Front Beach on the Coromandel, was the

cover art for our 2013 Spring Issue.

See her stylish colourful print of a kiwi

family in our Art Scene section, and the

‘Silver Morning on Mercury Bay’ painting

topping our calendar. The original painting

can be seen hanging at the Bread & Butter

Gallery in Whitianga (see page 45).

Jane, who continually impresses us with her talent and

array of styles, graduated with First Class Honours

from Elam School of Fine Arts in Auckland. Inspired by

our beautiful, natural surroundings, this multi-talented

designer/artist has produced a remarkable stream

of work which includes distinctive paintings – both

watercolour and acrylic – photography and digital

designs focusing on NZ flora and fauna.

Also view Jane’s work at The Little Gallery in Tairua, or at

View Jane’s work in her home/

studio by phoning (07) 825 0083 to make an appointment.

Note: You can order these and other past issues of

Coromandel Life

(and our



magazine). See page 54 for info to order issues (5 for $10

inc shipping) & subscriptions. View them online at